Sean is a genuine speaker and professional who shares his story as he guides clients towards developing the confidence they need to succeed in multiple areas of life. Sean’s stunning presence is both captivating and graceful. His charisma is contagious and his energy is captivating. Sean works to deliver his message in a caring and effective way as his goal is to positively touch the lives of people he encounters.

Dr. Michele Kerulis, LCPC
Certified Consultant, Association for Applied Sport Psychology CC-AASP 362
Past President, Illinois Counseling Association (2013-2014)
Board Member, Illinois Counselor Educators and Supervisors

Sean Swank and Confidence Community can be summed up in one word, Courage. The courage to grow, evolve and challenge yourself towards achieving the goals you have established for your personal and professional development is at the core of the Confidence Community mission. By gaining the confidence to go after your dreams and never giving up on yourself and your potential, is what Confidence Community is all about. Sean courageously uses his personal life experiences as a framework for this program, and has wholeheartedly embraced the ‘Pay it Forward’ methodology.

Ilyse Froy, MA, LCPC,
Owner at Ilyse Froy and Associates Psychotherapy and Consulting Services
Professor at Adler University

Sean teaches you to value yourself before anyone else. At the end of the day if it’s destructive to your happiness, let it go. If it’s meant to be, it’ll come find you, and as hard as that is, he is there for you when you do step out and choose to take that route. Thank you Sean for all your help and mentorship. It definitely made me a stronger person.


Sean Swank is one of a kind. His mentorship helped me in developing my successful artist management company that now travels the world of entertainment. I consider him a big brother and a friend. I identify with his social charisma and personal interactions in business which helped develop the way I attract clients.

Edward Honesty