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The Tall Guy Always Gets The Girl

Excerpt from one of our subjects in Getting Your Dream Girl:

I cannot tell you how much I despise these things that I hear men say all the time.

  • “The tall guy always gets the girl.”
  • “That guy gets all the women because he is a model.”
  • “This guy is a champion with the ladies because he is in great shape.”
  • “Women like him for sure because he is rich.”

I hear stuff like this all the time from men and it’s embarrassing to me. These guys have no idea that all the things listed above are only tools of attraction and they do not realize that every man has tools of attraction.

This list of attractors is huge. Height, weight, style, ego, riches, humor, nerds, etc. The list of what attracts women is endless. All women are different and are attracted to different things.

Also, know that what each woman is attracted to can change like the weather in Chicago based on their experienceat that particular time.

Something she liked before can change in a moment after noticing some scene in the movie Magic Mike or Fifty Shades of Grey. Minds do and will change. This goes for very pretty woman as well. They are not aliens, they are humans. It would help you great guys to understand that, no matter what the attractor is for her attention that may come and go.

Your job is not to become the man she wants. Your job is to be so confident in the man you are, that the reality of the man she desires becomes you. The assets you possess, no matter what they are, will attract some women and not others.

Confidence is the attractor that works for all women on this planet called Earth. Confidence is security on fire and women are very comfortable being secure with their guy. So, your presence becomes comfort to her. I once dated an amazing woman, and I wasn’t her type initially. After we dated I became her type. At the time I was overweight and her previous boyfriend was a bodybuilder.

I am not saying be an out of shape guy, I’m just saying that is no excuse for her not being attracted to you. Get her, then get in shape after because she deserves your best you lazy bastard. lol

Many women have their list of the type of man they want and then, marry the exact opposite of that, only because the new attraction is much more secure than the previous desired one for various reasons.

Ultimately, it is not the things that are at the heart of the attraction that keep the girl. It is the confidence displayed by the men that possess them. Take any tall,handsome man with all the riches in the world, remove his confidence, and he becomes nothing!

I have personally witnessed a man of short stature, who lived modestly but with confidence who was friends with a tall rich guy.  The rich guy was basically buying the poor guys friendship. He was using him to be around girls who were more attracted to the poor short guy because of his level of confidence and charisma.

Seeing this taught me the lesson “don’t be the rich guy who is poor in confidence.” (Note: This rule does not apply to gold digger women, but, you don’t want to date any woman like that anyway, right?)


-Sean Swank (Confidence Community)

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