Fashion Tips for Women

Ladies, ladies, ladies!

I say this as a big brother having to sit down with his little sister to give her a few pointers as she is starting to face life and grow in her personal experiences in business and the pursuit of love and happiness. I present to you the A.B.P’s (Always Be Polished). Now this does not apply to all of you. If you are already polished from head to toe currently, then gone girl, do your thang…life has taught you well. You are the essence of style magnified, multiplied…all are mesmerized by your image uncompromised. Do you boo!

But, this is for my lil sisters who don’t think “it takes all that” in order to get the business, dating and lifestyle success they want. I have something I want you to stamp on your soul…society is honestly out of control…image is one of the rivers that flows pass all obstacles…sooooo, unfortunately sooooo…”it does take all that.”

I want you to look at your image like a resume for a job, when you create a resume, you always keep in mind that you are putting your best information on the paper, so the employer can be impressed by you and will perhaps consider you over the other applicants applying for the same position. Because there are hundreds of them. So, you polish your resume and go over it countless times to make sure it looks right, reads well, has proper fonts, good spacing of paragraphs, etc. You don’t want to list too much, but, you do want all the BEST stuff to be visible for the employer to see and serve as a point of ATTRACTION that will look better than all the other applicants.

If you go through all of this polishing for your paper presentation of yourself. Why do you think it is not equally important to polish your the physical resume of your person when you go out to face life everyday. This is not a matter of personal style, but, more a matter of personal care and presentation. If you don’t take the time to be polished and take your style presentation serious in public, then the people that see you will respond to you based on the perception you give off. Perception becomes reality until it is proven otherwise.

I experienced this personally one time when I was dressed really bad…I was rocking the blah t-shirt, rag jeans, old shoes and unshaven hair don’t package. I was out with my buddy who always wore business suits. When people came to converse with us, they would address him only and saw me as his dirty sidekick. His presentation gained more respect than the garbage package I was wearing. My body resume was not polished. His resume was polished, so, he got the job (respect, attention, attraction). Funny thing is, based on the subjects people talked to him about, I was the more knowledge source for that information. But, no one inquired of me because my “point of presentation was powerless”. I wasn’t dressed respectable, so I wasn’t respected.

Now put yourself in that position…

Imagine for a moment you are just running out to the grocery store and decided to just throw on “blah” couture to go to the store. Didn’t comb your hair, nails not done, no facial products. While you are there, you run into your crush that you heard from a mutual friend, is perhaps interested in meeting after hearing you are an amazing person.

He saw a pic of you before, but, the picture wasn’t a clear one, but, your mutual friend encouraged him to meet you in person soon. And to add to that, he is there with all of his boys who has heard about you from him….though he hasn’t met you in person, he recognize you from the picture when he say you and calls out your name… (Your name here), you turn to the right to see who is calling you and behold your dream guy…with his crew. 😱

To make matters worse, as you are talking to him and literally peeing your pants because he is seeing you like this…you see another girl walk by who is very very polished and they make eye contact…she winks at him and you see his head follow her instead of being focused on you.

What a nightmare that would be for you. Only because you decided to be on the market for the job opportunity without taking the time to polish your resume. What’s sad is this happens everyday to people. You know what really hurts though, the other girl that walked by got the job, because after you ended the convo super fast to scurry away because of your embarrassment that you ran into him looking this way, he saw her in the line and they started the job interview right there. And she later got hired, leaving you on the job market because you were not prepared.😱

(Note: To the amazing woman that you are reading this…don’t be that girl)

“I never had to get ready, because I stay ready” -Some dude said this from some documentary I don’t remember the name of…😂 Pretty good advice to live by though.

So, when you guys are at home, at business or at play, be on your A.B.P.’s (Always Be Polished), you never know when someone is reviewing your application…and will pull your resume.

“Get yo hair done…get yo nails did!”
-Missy Elliot

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