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Excerpt from one of our subjects in Authentic Lifestyle:

Life Style [lahyf-stahyl]

1. the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.

Lifestyle is the essence of the life you actively live. The trouble that I have found over years of research is that most people don’t actively live the lifestyle they imagine in their minds. Through personal experience I realized that many of my beliefs about how awesome I was were mostly paved by theories in my head. It wasn’t until I had an interaction with an advisor that helped me recognize that, though in my heart I was the greatest person ever, I never really lived it out. I was content in the mental possibility of grandeur.

Really it wasn’t my lifestyle, it was just my dream. It was at that point that I came to the conclusion that lifestyle is about what you are doing, not what you are thinking about doing. After that I created my first bucket list of dreams that I wanted to achieve and started on my journey to completing them.

I became the guy I dreamed about. I was soon living the lifestyle I wanted. I was then being the guy I saw in movies and not just watching someone be a hero in cinema. My personal life become cinematic. Our programs are created to help you authenticate your lifestyle and help develop it into everything you have dream it could be and so much more.

Welcome to the birthplace of your most amazing journeys! If you can think it? You can Do it!


-Sean Swank (Confidence Community)

Here are a few subject titles we cover in our Authentic Lifestyle programs:

  • The World is Your Oyster
  • Relating to People of All Economic Levels
  • Nothing is Impossible For You
  • Planes, Trains, Automobiles
  • Diversity University — Off to the Races
  • Your Life is a Work of Art — Paint the Perfect Picture
  • Religion Dynamics & Spiritual Awareness
  • Style & Fashion
  • Health & Fitness
  • Etiquette Training
  • Change Your Mind and Get Past Your Present Future
  • James Bond & Marilyn Monroe
  • Removing the Emotion Rivers the Ocean
  • The American Dream
  • Uptown/Downtown — Breaking Down Invisible Mental Barriers
  • & So many more

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