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Sean Swank (a.k.a “The People’s Coach”) is a life coach and motivational speaker who created Confidence Community after working in the fashion industry for over 15 years as an image consultant/designer. While being involved in the fashion industry, like most service professionals in various industries, he inadvertently became a bit of a counselor to his clients.

While servicing clients, they seemed to open up about their lives and seek advice from him. Sean would spend a substantial amount of client time encouraging them in overcoming obstacles in love, business, lifestyle enhancement, fashion, health, fitness, etc. Sean became so knowledgeable in these areas from growing up in the inner city of Chicago.

This environment taught Sean to use critical thinking to come up with ways of turning nothing into something great, in order to make it in this challenging world. There were ample opportunities to give advice, because the conditions were tough for everyone. Sean became great at researching and would always find solutions to help others. He became a bit of a self-help information fanatic.

He also studied the sociology of successful people and their habits to understand what does and does not work to be successful. After leaving the projects at 16 years old (the Robert Taylor Homes located on the south side of Chicago) to live with his cousin in a wealthy college. Sean had to learn
how to transition from the harsh sometime violent reality of inner city living to facing the frightening responsibility of adapting to life around people that did not look like him or understand his language.

Even more growing into an adult after that and adjusting to big city successful lifestyle of people who lived, hung out and did business in downtown Chicago. Sean wanted badly to fit into this new world. Many changes had to be made in Sean’s personal development in order to be successful.

Sean accepted the challenge and did very well. This changing process helped mold Sean into a transformer in his own life. The adjustment was intense, but totally worth the experience. Sean’s life was the true definition of turning lemons into lemonade.

Unbeknownst to him, this process groomed him to become a transformer in the lives of others. His personal journey gave him a sympathetic ear to those in need of guidance to be more awesome and achieve greatness for their lives. Equipped with all his research information and personal experience, Sean became an advisor to his clients.

There was no greater feeling to Sean than to see someone have victory over hard situations they were facing. Soon clients started to refer to Sean as Papa Swank or Coach Swank or Big brother Swank, etc.

Many clients would encourage Sean to start life coaching. Though, he enjoyed doing just that, he never imagined he would be a part of the life coaching industry, his focus was making clients look good in clothing. Yet, seeing the end results of his advice helping others achieve greatness brought Sean endless delight. He loved it. It started to be a normal part of the his image consulting process with clients.

He felt it was necessary to coach them a bit because he would dress someone to look amazing on the outside, but, they didn’t have the inner-confidence needed to have an aura about themselves that would be congruent with the attire. His advice worked like a charm for his clients, he has countless testimonies giving others the necessary edge for success infused transformation in all areas of life.

Just to name a few examples, Sean’s coaching has saved marriages, given clients tools for successful dating (both male and female), saved clients from depression, helped establish and increase the profitability of business for clients, advised clients on how to grow their companies social network, advised clients on business and work relation dynamics, guided clients on success race relations, coached individuals through family crisis, consulted clients regarding religious issues, served as mediator to settle disputes… the list is endless.

Sean soon realized that coaching is his calling in life. It was his destiny to do what he loved to do, help others in understanding effective ways in achieving greatness.

He decided to create Confidence Community as the conduit to do just that. What an unlikely destiny for him! Such a “Cool story bro!” Sean realized that the ultimate road to success is not when you are chasing your destiny, but, when destiny is chasing you. Realization of this begins when you are no longer running from it.

His name is Sean Swank, he is the people’s coach. He created Confidence Community just for you. Now let’s make those dreams come true!

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